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Life is full of happenstance… That’s what makes it exciting! The other day I had the pleasure of running into my home economics teacher from high school at Joanne fabrics. Yeah, real men take home economics and shop at Joanne fabrics! While talking in line,  she asked me what I was up to, I told her I was a wedding photographer.  She smiled and told me her son just got married in China and I should come over to checkout their wedding album! So as any good self-promoting photographer before I left I gave her my business card….  Sure enough some days later I got a phone call…  It was my home economics teacher calling to asking if I was free this weekend…  I told her it was my one weekend off this month but I would love to help her!  Here are a few of the photos I hope you like them! Todd H Carlson

By: Todd H Carlson

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