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Dear Todd,

We would like to thank you for the beautiful work you did on the photography for our wedding.  You came up with creative ideas, researched our wedding site and made sure that all locations we wanted to have photographs taken in were available and ready for us.  We appreciated the attention to detail in the preparation and planning for event.  Beyond that, your ability to capture the moments with photographs that look natural and not staged was very much appreciated.  We’ve had several people who viewed our wedding presentation say that our photographs were the best wedding photography they’ve seen.  The combination of your technical ability and artistic eye resulted in the documentation of our day that we’ll be able to cherish for the rest of our lives.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.
Please feel free to use us as references.

Kerry & George

Todd is artistic, innovative, attentive and patient.  He is the type of person that represents equilibrium during a day that is filled with joy and unexpected occurrences. The photos that Todd took represent not only beautiful memories but have an artistic flair where just the right amount of light and the type of lens utilized captured the unforgettable moments that make for scenes from a fairy tale.

In addition to superb photography, Todd handled the unexpected occurrence, with ease.  This incident, which could have ruined my wedding day, was when the zipper on my wedding dress would not budge.  Somehow it got stuck in the up right position prohibiting me from getting into the dress; Todd, being the resourceful person that he is saved the day by recommending a tailor, who repaired my dress just in time for the ceremony.  What more could one ask for!

Thank you and your assistants for all of your hard work

Tony & Suzanne

My husband and I hired Todd as our photographer for our wedding day- and I am so glad I found him.  I looked around for someone who was not only affordable (which there is not many) but also had the visual look I wanted for our wedding photos (again not many).  Something unique and different – capturing the day not just with a still image, but with emotion in those as well.  And he was both.  A great price and AMAZING photos!

Also, having someone follow you around all day, it helps that that person is easy to get along with.  Todd (and his assistant) fit right in with our families and us.  They made us felt like they were one of the group and were just there with us.  Not imposing on the day, but still able to do their job and let us have fun while doing it.  I am beyond happy with the results we got and would recommend him to anyone getting married or just needing photos in general.  I am still getting compliments on the photography ( and the photographer) months after our wedding!  I cannot recommend Todd enough!

Diana & Brian

“Todd did a fantastic job photographing our wedding. We had a smaller, intimate wedding, and he did a great job capturing the essence of the event. He was able to show all aspects of the day — from the pre-wedding nerves, to the ceremony, to the dinner, and everything in between. He has a traditional sense of the photos but adds a personal and modern touch to what he does. As a young photographer we were surprised by his knowledge and comfort behind the lens. Todd was also able to to keep us relaxed while bringing spontaneity to his pictures. We know that as the years go by he’s going to find his niche and excel at creating quality, unique wedding pictures. Todd’s skill at photography has given us wonderful memories that we will keep for the rest of our lives and we are happy that he was part of our wedding day. ”

Mark & Dorothee

Todd’s visual style really fit with what we wanted out of our wedding pictures: quirky and fun with a traditional feel. And that’s exactly what we got — from the wedding party lined up at the altar after the ceremony, to pictures in the church garden with our families and then girls against boys volleyball in our front yard before the reception.

We received comments from family and friends both during our reception and still continuing weeks after about how Todd’s casual manner made them feel comfortable having their pictures taken. He made a point to be there to capture the special moments while never seeming to be in anyone’s way. His ability to work with unruly wedding party members really helped make our wedding day run smoothly.

One of Anna’s best friends told her that she would like to hire Todd for her wedding someday — because he was creative and she could tell he got shots that an ordinary wedding photographer would never get — plus he made her feel like a model every time he took her picture!

A family member said it best: “Wow, Anna!!! Those are some of the most creative and beautiful wedding pictures I’ve seen! Kudos to the photographic team!!!”

Thank you Todd for documenting the adventure that was our wedding day!

Anna & Robert

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Todd H. Carlson as a wedding photographer, but I’ll give it a try. Todd is a wonderful collaborator. Sarah and I were drawn to Todd’s work due to his journalist style. We really liked the photojournalistic quality to his work. Todd has a truly gifted eye for detail but we knew getting our “dream” wedding photos would require some amount of collaboration. Leading up to the wedding, Todd had several conversations with us where he asked specific questions about the types of photographs we wanted, e.g. how much of the wedding day we were
willing to dedicate solely to photography, details on the style and range of the photos we wanted, as well as our expectations for family portraits, etc.. The end result was that we got exactly what we hoped for and much, much more. We appreciated Todd’s willingness to work with us on our vision for the day, while guiding us through the other, technical details we hadn’t considered.

In terms of professionalism, Todd really is unmatched. We had the opportunity to work with a few of the wedding industry-types through the course of planning our wedding. Todd is a very straightforward, no-nonsense professional, which was very refreshing. He kept to the letter of our contract and exceeded all of our expectations in service. We highly value the fact that Todd’s business is taking really wonderful, artful images and not reproducing and selling reprints. We had spectacular images taken and delivered to us via top-of-the-line processing. We now control which pictures we want to reproduce and how we want to reproduce them. Another facet that seems to set Todd apart from other wedding photographers I’ve seen is that he really does work quietly in the background. Words I would use to describe our experience with him as a photographer: pleasant and unobtrusive. I think the photos themselves reflect these qualities. I do not typically enjoy having my picture taken, yet I have tons of photos of me on my wedding day, and I don’t remember it being an issue or concern. Part of his gift is that those around him are at ease, even when they have a camera lens looking at them, and that calm allows their personality to shine through in the pictures he takes.

We just couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Todd and the wonderful images he managed to capture and would highly recommend him to anyone who asked. (And many people have asked since seeing our images.)

Meiring & Sarah Borcherds

Todd was the best money we spent on anything for the wedding, hands down.  I cannot say enough good things about him.  I was initially nervous about picking a photographer because I had some friends who had bad wedding photographer experiences, but the nerves quickly dissipated when I saw our engagement photos.  Todd went above and beyond what a wedding photographer should have to do.  He was all over the place, but not distracting, trying to get the best shots.  One of my friends said “I want to get married again just so I can have him shoot my wedding”.  So many of our guests said how great he was and some even asked how long we’ve been friends – he fit right in with the wedding party.  His ideas for our photo locations were creative and unique – I gave him a vision of what I wanted, and he did research to find the best spots.  I am so happy with the photos and the album.  They really tell the story of our day in the artistic, photojournalistic style I was looking for.  Beyond his amazing talent for photography, he truly cares about his work and his clients.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

Katie & Taylor

Stumbling upon Todd and his work was sheer fate.  I had been searching for a photographer for our wedding for months.  I work part time at a wedding venue and am very familiar with many of the wedding photographers in the greater Cleveland area.  Still, I was hard pressed to find one whose work I was crazy about, until I met Todd.  Years ago Todd and my husband played hockey together.  A few months before the wedding Todd scouted Eryk out on Facebook.  Upon excepting Todd’s friend request my husband noticed that Todd had become a photographer and suggested that I take a look at the photos posted on Facebook and his website.  I flipped through 10 or 15 photos before I was completely sold, that is all it took.  His work was everything I had been looking for.  Each photo told a story.  He captured the emotion of an entire day in every shot.  This was exactly what I was looking for.  I did not want my photos to look like every other wedding.  I was looking for a photographer who was not afraid to capture the imperfectness of the day.  I wanted goofy shots, I wanted awkward faces!  I wanted every second of the day.  And that is precisely what we got!  Not to mention everyone loved him!  All day Todd would share images of what he had captured with anyone interested.  Our family and friends were blown away.  I still hear about how great he and his assistant Matt were that day.  Super friendly, polite and professional.  I cannot recommend him enough!


Cleveland, OH

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